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Renegotiating NAFTA. Canada and Mexico account for almost one third of U.S. agricultural exports. Both countries have negotiated numerous other trade agreements since NAFTA took effect in 1994, so a fresh look at the agreements is timely. At the same time, how best to protect and expand benefits to agriculture, especially given the new U.S. administration’s focus on manufacturing? Market Solutions has long helped food, agriculture, beverage, fiber and textile clients and others understand opportunities and challenges in all three NAFTA markets, and strategies for success.
What next for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) partners now that the U.S. has withdrawn from the agreement? China is close to negotiating its own 16 country Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement with Asian Pacific partners. TPP promised improved access for U.S. food and agricultural exports to a number of key markets, including Japan and Vietnam, but it also introduced potential for new competition. RCEP is expected to improve market access for competitors, while setting lower standards than the TPP did in a number of areas, including labor, environmental, governance, intellectual property protections and internet/press freedoms.
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